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Friday, March 5th, 2010 report Hangzhou motor cycle. City National Values 8.5 million.

During the National Day of East China's largest vehicle market include. – Hangzhou City Commercial Motor popular for a good view Hangzhou Motor. City car, buy car up to five million cars from the city library with the new car. 742 orders nearly 8.5 million yuan

Second hand car listings momentum continues. strong before the holiday.

Although a second hand car in the National Day. To stop processing. However, travel to second hand car market, "Taobao" continues to flow endlessly. National working days after the first day of the motor. City have played one kilometer long line of processors used cars second hand car in the transfer of the team management on more than 400 cars.

In the context of the financial crisis. Hangzhou Motor City to highlight the unique competition. Before the Spring Festival is the industry known as "weathervane. Shopping East China, Hangzhou Motor City "China Zheshang the market leading industry awards.

September 28 in Haining, China market in the five provinces around the Summit. 16 industries in the perception of vocational. Hangzhou market-based vehicles in the automotive industry, has won great influence of motor vehicles, "China market. Zheshang a leading industry "appreciable Also awarded "Industrial China Zheshang market leading "is Yiwu China Commodity City, Shaoxing China Textile City, Haining. Leather China Town, China Yongkang Hardware Science and Technology. City, Jiaxing, China cocoon and silk Chinese market. Yuyao Plastic City roads and bridges, China Daily Mall, Tongxiang. Market Tops Puyuan, International Water Zhoushan City, Zhuji City, jewelry. East China, Hangzhou marketing machine Sijiqing 15 markets. Market leader more than three decades of development have an important history. Compared with their vehicle Hangzhou. City only considered "Nong Lek. However, despite creating a moment. But the speed of their attention to the industry.

Understand it since. 1999 completed Hangzhou Motor Sales. City almost doubled each year of growth. Decades, new car sales of RMB. 58232000000, 12823000000 yuan turnover of car parts to sell your car 5300000000 in total sales and 76.0 billion "range of services and features brand car collection Hangzhou is known. After around five new cars used car parts and major exhibitions. Nine consecutive operations Cibaud success. International Motor Show, the sword of ten years, Hangzhou Motor. City to sell the item to the leading car parts, materials and automotive aftermarket support services for promotion and exhibition of the automotive industry. chain, make a collection of industrial enough to shake Zhejiang Province in east China automotive market, including automotive vehicle "of the kingdom.

Now, in Hangzhou, People's mind to new car sales. Buy sell used equipment to the first. Motor City, is a habit Hypermarket. Motor City 's, the more consumers choose not to sweat shop. Ge Jia 4S shops around the supermarket to exchange enough information to markets and intense competition to consumers to reduce Price detail, high-quality cars.

Hangzhou Motor City, as well as radiation and nearby cities in the eastern province of China has become a distribution. Product Center automotive and peripherals. But the barometer and the wind. Automotive Zhejiang.

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Starter replaces 1500023-05, 150013050, 1500242-13, 9005408-49 NEW 19651


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